Rick Card writes from roots of rock where love is lived, lost and pissed off. Crank it up and roll down the windows for Roadsick Blues. It’s driving beat pumps the rpms into a heavy heart that goes until the tank’s dry. Don’t let the title fool you, These Blues are Killing Me is a foot tapping number that fantasizes about the pleasures of being single again. The solid rock guitar riff of Wave of the Future drives you forward to the next big thing on the horizon. Ever miss your sweetie when you’re on the road? She’s the Only One lights the torch for long distant love and the crash of unfaithfulness.   


Tim Tyler writes from details, both kitchen table and other corners of the world. Hop on board and watch out for the swing of the boom as Sailing on the Bay takes you on a breezy cruise through Casco Bay. The reggae groove in Waterline sets the tone for a man who has been reckless with love and wants to right the relationship. Love, the natural world, and how they are one fuels the straight-ahead downhome tempo of My Gravity. The adz and the lofting floor are all but gone, but Maine’s proud heritage of shipbuilding is alive and kicking in the rousing salty romp of Raise a Glass.